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During the past years, a lot of effort and investment have been put into building R&D sector of IBE
A summary of such efforts and the thoughts of our team are as follows:

  The efforts to establish this team started in 1990. It only became more formal and had significantly more resources starting 1998. The team started with three members and increased now to become more than 40.

  The team started with virtually no development tools and managed to collect all the necessary tools that are required to develop this kind of high technology with strong support from International Electronics. The company now has the development tools and the trained personnel to perform some of the most complicated design tasks in the industry today.

  Given that the expertise of medical equipment design was not widely available locally when the company started, we started with staff composed mostly of carefully selected fresh graduates. The kind of training and exposure to modern design concepts transformed them into some of the brightest engineers in the industry. In fact, we already provided companies like Tetrad Corporation and Remote Vet in the United States with consultation services in software development and these companies stand witness to the outstanding character and performance of our engineers. Our real strength and value lie in this fine collection of professionals in this team.

  We managed to establish a strong link with the academic community in Cairo University , Helwan University , Misr University for Science and Technology and others to help our development team be on the cutting edge of technology. Over 50 scientific papers have been published in prestigious conferences and journals have been conducted at our facility or with a substantial participation from our team and each of these publications acknowledges our support. This has had a significant impact on the image of the company locally and internationally.

  The team of IBE is determined to continue their pursuit of improving the quality of health care and life for all humans. This underlying moral is what separates us from others who look only for profit. Accompanied by a profitability margin that is among the highest in the industry, we feel that we will be around for long enough to see our goals become a reality.

  We owe gratitude and loyalty to those people who invested in our team during the past three years. As much as the current situation is hurting us, in any new arrangement of the company's ownership, we have to make sure that those people are satisfied with the outcome of their investment.