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International Biomedical Engineering Technologies (IBE Tech) is an Egyptian developer and manufacturer of medical equipment with headquarters in Giza , Egypt . The company is a spin-off of International Electronics - Biomedical Division where it was the research and development arm of this giant distributor of medical equipment and supplies for fourteen years. Since day one, the team of IBE Tech had a clear goal to make high-tech medical equipment available at low cost. This goal became a mission that continued to draw on the professional as well as the personal commitment of everyone who joined this team to make health care better in our country and in similar less fortunate countries around the world. We have made some significant steps towards this goal in our short history. However, we still have so many more steps to make to reach our goal. This requires keeping and growing the team at IBE as well as allocating the resources necessary to continue on without delay.

Our philosophy has three main strategies:
  Development of low cost basic medical equipment based on our own proprietary technologies. This approach has the advantage of being able to customize products to the unique demands of individual markets. One example of that is the Egyptian market, which heavily favors products that offer the basic features at the lowest possible cost and ability to persevere in the harsh operating environments.

  Joint development of low cost medical equipment offering high-end capabilities. The idea in this approach is to team up with some of the well-known names in the field of biomedical equipment design. This allows taking advantage of their high technology while maintaining the low cost of development. Such strategic alliances are important for acquiring high technology and to offer a wide range of medical equipment models of varying capabilities.

  Manufacturing under license of medical equipment. Since the R&D capabilities of any medical equipment manufacturer cannot include all types of technologies, it is common to acquire models from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sources to amend their line of products. We follow the same policy here at IBE. Besides the advantage of having a wider collection of products, we take advantage of the much lower cost of assembly and testing here in Egypt to offer these products at a lower cost than that offered by the original manufacturer with no sacrifice in quality.