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  1996 - Establishment of International Electronics Biomedical Division.

  1997 - Commencement of the R&D Department.

  1998 - The Biomedical Division won a tender by the Egyptian Ministry of Health for 2,500 ultrasound   
                systems  (from 1998 to 2000) .

  1999 - Set off cooperation with Tetrad Corporation, Denver, Colorado, USA, in order to jointly develop
                a color Doppler system.

  2000 - Release of the first  version of a 3D ultrasound workstation solution compatible with any 2D
                ultrasound system.

  2001 - Started ultrasound Gel  manufacturing.

  2002 - Entered into OEM agreement with RemoteVet, Atlanta, Georgia, USA for the development of
                veterinarian ultrasound system.

  2003 - IBE Technologies S.A.E. was separated from International Electronics Co.

  2004 - SOLO Compact ultrasound scanner launched.

  2005 - Initiated collaboration with Haidylena Co,Egypt for development of Hemodialysis system.

  2007 - SONATA color Doppler scanner locally manufactured and introduced to the Egyptian market.

  2008 - SOLO Expert ultrasound scanner launched.

  2010 - Release of the first  version of a 4D ultrasound.

  2012 - Release of DIGISON product line, utilizing digital beam-forming technology, with 4D imaging.