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[1996] New Sonics LCHQ
       IBE's First Manufactured Ultrasound System:

Manufacturing under license from Universal Sonics, U.S.A
User interface and Calculation package developed by IBE Engineers
Assembled in Baghat Group’s factories
[1998] New Sonics Compact
       IBE's Designed Ultrasound System [First Generation]:

100% designed and manufactured in IBE
Lowest cost PC-based system
Intuitive graphical user interface and 3D-ready
[2000] Mag-3D
       First 3D Ultrasound Imaging Solution

Upgrade to any ultrasound system
Very easy to use interactive GUI
Low cost option with any IBE ultrasound
[2004] Solo Compact
       IBE's Designed Ultrasound System [Second Generation]:

Ergonomic mechanical design
Advanced image acquisition with coded excitation
Dual probe connectors
Embedded 3D ultrasound
[2007] SONATA
       Our First Ultrasound System with Color-Flow Mapping:

Acquisition of hardware know-how from Tetrad, U.S.A.
Software completely developed by IBE Tech
PW Doppler / Color Doppler
Best price/performance ratio in its category